Rental conditions 2017-07-21

Payment methods

VISA / Mastercard or by agreement Swish, Cash, Bank giro, transfer to our bank account.

Payment is as follows:

  1. You book the MC and the booking fee or rent is paid as you book.
  2. You pick up the MC and the deductible is reserved on your account.
  3. You return the MC, the deductible is released and the charges are made.


You book the MC's and equipment online, if it is less then 48h from the time of the booking to the time you want to pick up the MC's, you need to call us to confirm and book the time for pickup.

Pick up

You pick up the MC's and equipment in Solna, which is located near the center of Stockholm. This makes it easy to travel here with either bus or subway. It is also convenient and cheap to take a taxi to us. You will receive the exact address with your booking.

If you rather have us deliver the MC and equipment to your location, send us an email. We charge 1 SEK/km + 650 SEK per hour for delivery to almost anywhere!

Minimum age 24 years. (If you are younger, please email us). Valid MC driver's license.

You deposit the deductible before you receive the keys, this sum covers the cost for damages to the bike if an accident happens. You can deposit this amount to our bank account 3 working days in advance, or leave it in cash when you pick up the MC. It is OK with other currencies if you prefer to leave the corresponding amount in Euro or Dollar instead.

Extending the rental period

If you want the MC for a longer period, just SMS or call in and get an extension at your current price per day, you are always welcome to extend as long as the MC is available. If you only need 1h extra, we charge 20% of one day's rent per extra hour. There is no extra charge for the next 19 hours when you have reached 5h = 1 day rent.


The km-cost is charged. Refuel the MC before return. The deposit is returned if everything is OK. If you return the motorcycle or equipment broken or excessively dirty (above normal usage according to our judgement), the cost to return it to its original state will be deducted from the deposit.

Late return

The MC needs to be returned no later then the agreed time (1 day is 24h), so that the next customer can pick it up in time. If you stop the next customer that has booked the MC from renting by not returning it in time, you need to cover that rent. If no one is hindered by your late return, the cost will be the same as if you had made an ordinary extension of the rental period.

Cancellation policy

Any applicable bank charges for refunds to banks outside of Sweden are borne by the person canceling the order.

  • 100% refund if you cancel 4 days (4*24h) in advance or earlier.
  • 75% refund if you cancel 3 days (3*24h) in advance or earlier.
  • 50% refund if you cancel 2 days (2*24h) in advance or earlier.
  • 25% refund if you cancel 1 day (24h) in advance or earlier.
  • No refund if you cancel later or do not show up.

Changing the booking

You can change your booking for free 4 days (4*24h) in advance or earlier.

You can change your booking 2 days (2*24h) in advance or earlier at the same cost as the first day of the rental. (If you have booked one week, the cost is 1/7'th of the total rent)

For any later change the cancellation cost is applied.

In order to have less accidents

If we believe you are not a safe driver, if your driving license is not valid, if you have a history of traffic violations, if you do not take our security briefing seriously or does not listen. We reserve the right to cancel any booking and refuse to hand over the keys to anyone, for any reasons including the security reasons stated above. If we cancel, you will get your money back including any booking fee.

Full set of MC protection clothes is required for your safety to reduce any damages.

If it was a long time since last time you drove an Motorcycle, or if you are not used to the weight of a heavy long distance touring MC, and need to practice we will help you, so that you are a safe and can focus on having fun on your trip. The terms for any damage during practice is the same as during your rental. If you want a good teacher for a longer period of time, we can help you book with one of the best local driving schools. We care about your safety, and do our utmost to make sure that you are safe, so that you can enjoy your trip.

Insurance for the MC's

The deductible applied for damage to the MC is equal to the deposit. Exact amount is shown when you book and in the confirmation mail you get. Below follows the amounts applied 2017-07-21:

Insurance for the Honda CBF500 ABS Deductible: 7500 SEK. Deductible reduction to 2900 SEK is One day: 190, 3 days: 400, one week: 900 SEK. Insurance for the Honda CBF600SA ABS, Silver Honda Pan European ST1100 Deductible: 15000 SEK. Deductible reduction to 5800 SEK is One day: 190, 3 days: 400, one week: 900 SEK. Insurance for the Honda Honda Deauville NT700V ABS, Honda CBF600 FI 1 ABS, Honda CBF600 FI 2 ABS, Honda CRF250L Deductible: 15000 SEK. Deductible reduction to 7500 SEK is One day: 190, 3 days: 400, one week: 900 SEK. These deductibles applies for damage to the motorcycle.

Your maintenance obligations as hirer

The hirer shall during the rental term ensure that:
  • all reasonable care is taken when driving and parking the vehicle.
  • the vehicle is not parked on grass or other ground where the side stand may sink through.
  • the water in the vehicle's radiator is maintained at the proper level.
  • the oil in the vehicle is maintained at the proper level.
  • only the fuel type specified for the vehicle will be used.
  • the tyres are maintained at their proper pressure.
  • if the MC has chain; that it is lubed at least every 500km and properly adjusted when needed.
  • the vehicle is locked, including the steering lock, and secure at all times when it is not in use and the keys kept under the hirer's personal control at all times.
  • the distance recorder or speedometer are not interfered with
  • should a warning light be illuminated or the hirer believes the vehicle requires mechanical attention, the hirer will stop driving and have the motorcycle repaired at a repairshop.
  • the driver are aware of and comply with the terms
  • the driver carries their driver's licence with them and will produce it on demand to any enforcement officer.


Call us immediately if you have an accident, so that we may help you.

The hirer's liability for damage caused by { carelessness, negligence, indifference } or in connection with { incorrect use, driving on race-track, racing-like driving, criminal activity or crime }, is not limited by the deductible or deductible elimination.

In case of theft, the theft has to immediately be reported to the closest police-office to limit your responsible to the deductible, and you have to provide a copy of the police report. If the keys for the MC has been used to steal the MC, your liability is the full value of the MC.

You are responsible for the motorcycle and must return the MC to the right rental center at the end of the rental period, this applies even if the MC is damaged during your rental period.

You must report any damage as soon as it happens via SMS or email. Double-deductible applies if you have not reported any damage caused, before you return the MC. The reason for this is that we want to reward honesty.

Customers right of withdrawal

See Swedish law 2005:59 "Distansavtal" 2 Kap § 11.12.

Warranty conditions

You must report defects on MC's or equipment when you pick them up or as soon as they are discovered, so that they can be solved immediately or so that the rental can be aborted.

A solution is decided by us with respect to the remaining lease period from the time of report. If the defect is our fault and so serious that the lease needs to be interrupted, you get the money back for the remaining part of the lease term, if we do not have any other MC or equipment available which can be used instead. Possible price difference for exchange equipment are credited or charged at the end of the lease.

Call immediately if you have any complaints, so that we may fix them. You can also send complaints by letter to our address: Svensk MC-uthyrning AB, Himlabacken 9A, 17078 Solna, Sweden.

Settlements are made according to Swedish law, but if you wait with reporting the problems, we can not do much to help solve them during your lease time. Disputes may be solved out of court through mediation if both parties agree.


Any applicable bank charges are always borne by the person placing the order.

We follow VISA/MasterCard's recommendations and the Swedish distance purchase law.
Our prices includes 25% Swedish VAT and all taxes. (Swedish VAT always applies).