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Stockholm, 6 minutes walk from Bergshamra Subwaystation

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Select Motorcycle and equipment
Select the size you think would fit the driver and passenger best.
We have extras available in different size in case you select the wrong size.
Equipment (price kr/each) Driver Passenger   1 day   4 days   1 week
Helmet 75 225 325
All Weather Motorcycle Jacket 150 400 675
All Weather Motorcycle Pants Free with jacket
Back Protector Free with jacket
Motorcycle Boots 75 225 325
Complete set (Helmet,Jacket,Gloves,Pants,Boots) 240 600 874
Any combination of cases and tank bag for any model of MC 100 300 450
GPS 200 350 400
Insurance with deductible reduction (important), this option decides
your financial protection in case of an accident. If you select none
the deposit will also be much higher as described in our rental terms.
190 533 900
Super Cover Excess Waiver (recommended), If you also opted for
insurance with deductible reduction, this option further reduces the
deductible to 0 SEK in case of damage or vandalism provided the
vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of
the rental agreement.
200 800 1400

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