About us

Who We Are

Svensk MC-uthyrning AB
Corporate Identity Number: 556956-6374
Mailing address: Sernanders väg, 75262 Uppsala
You reach us at +46 72 9629573 or info@svensk-mc-uthyrning.se

What we do

We rent out Motorcycles in Sweden

Our Goal

We want you to have more fun with Motorcycles in your life.In order to have fun, you first need to be secure.To achieve this we provide:
  • Secure MC models that have a proven track record of being safe in traffic
  • Physical Security and comfort with really good protection equipment
  • Financial Security with limited deductible in case of any damage
  • Driver security, if you feel stressed after not riding for a while, just tell us, and we will help you practice a little for free or a lot for cheap
  • Security briefings before take-off, with the few most important things to improve security and enjoy the drive